Officers and Directors

2024 Officers

Rick Clark

Rick Clark


Rhonda Humbert

Rhonda Humbert

1st V-President

Dale Collette

Dale Collette

2nd V-President

Cam Philbeck

Cam Philbeck


Holly Lamons

Holly Lamons


2024 Directors

Ian Bible

Fred Fraizer

Pat Hankins

Mike Idell

Dale Kyker

Cory Malone

Jake Ottinger

David Peake

Carla Reaves

Roger Woolsey

Marjorie Bradley

Jeff Gallihar

Ryan Holt

Lanny Love

Shannon Mullendore

Joni Parker

Brett Purgason

Kaye Shipley

2023 Associate Directors

Rebecca Collette

Steve Hale

Barbara Holt

Jim Humbert

Jack Quillen

Janie Shepherd

Charles Bowman

Daniel Gaby

Barbara Heins

Lloyd Holt

Mike Norton

Jimmy Rader

Thank You

The Board of Directors of the Greene County Fair would like to express their appreciation to the following :

  • The Governor, The Commissioner of Agriculture, and the State Legislature for their support of fairs in Tennessee
  • All of our advertisers.  The publishing of the Greene County Fair Catalog entails a great deal of hard work and considerable cost. Most of this cost is offset by the ads purchased by the various businesses displayed in the catalog. We would ask that you patronize them throughout the year.
  • The Greeneville Emergency Rescue Squad.  Their able handling of parking each year makes your visit to the fair more enjoyable.
  • The many volunteers who give so much time and energy, and without whose efforts the fair would be impossible.

Thank You To Our Sponsors